Children are  inherently powerful learners and they are constantly drawing meaning from their environment as their minds grow and develop. We consider all children to have the capability to be competent, intelligent and creative. For this reason, our programs are centered around nurturing their minds and helping them build strong interpersonal relationships.

  • Centered around the child

  • Facilitated by the teacher

  • Supported by the family

  • Emergent curriculum

  • Enquiry-based learning

  • Project Approach

Our methods result in comprehensive caring and nurturing for each child and in learning that is appropriate for each child’s age and developmental levels. Our teaching strategies rely primarily on an emergent curriculum, with in-depth explorations for all ages and including a project approach as children get older and enter our preschool and pre-kindergarten programs. It is based on the continuous examination of each child’s developmental levels and readiness and reinforces each child exploring and expressing their emerging inclinations, fascinations, interests, and enthusiasms. The program includes a rich materials environment, varied groupings of children, and a team of exceptionally well educated, trained, and experienced professionals to accomplish the desired development and learning.

We maintain an environment for child development and learning that is joyful, exciting, caring, aesthetic, compelling, dependable, safe, and rich with creativity, surprises, and the promise of great potential.

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